Our Location:


Columbia City is located in northwestern Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River approximately 31 miles north of the City of Portland on Highway 30, 2 miles north of the City of St. Helens and 61 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.


The city is dominated, ecologically and visually, by the Columbia River, which is nearly a mile wide here. Fir-clad slopes provide a backdrop west of town. Across the river are the foothills of the Cascade Range. Five snow-covered peaks are visible from the city: Mount St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Jefferson.


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Sand and Sandbags Available


The City of Columbia City will have sand and sandbags available for the public to use if needed during the upcoming thaw and rain period. The supplies will be staged at the corner of Second and I Streets. Please share this information with people you know that may be in need.


Thank you -



New Accessory Buildings and Structures Regulations



Follow this link to the new Chapter in the Columbia City Development Code, Chapter 7.111 Accessory Buildings and Structures.


Over the next few months the City Newsletter will highlight new regulations and providing education about the changes. Enforcement steps can be expected in the next couple of months regarding violations. We will be looking into all accessory buildings and structures for compliance.

A Legacy to Treasure / Capital Campaign - posted 11/17/15


Columbia City's Community Hall has been in need of some upgrades to our popular community facility. Won't you please help sponsor the renovation or join the campaign, Read more about the project.


Current Sponsor List - updated 12/21/16




Columbia City Veterans Park



Search for Businesses with a Columbia City Business Licenses


Rent the Columbia City Community Hall


Columbia City Industrial Park


Columbia Alert Network (C.A.N.) Registry



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Columbia City Logo


Our Vision Statement:


Columbia City is the lower Columbia River’s ideal small town - a city of beauty and livability.


  • Residents connect in safe, attractive, and quiet neighborhoods.


  • The city welcomes diverse community-sustaining businesses.


  • Engaged citizens and responsive local governments collaborate to preserve the city’s distinctive identity and independence.


Our Mission Statement:


The City of Columbia City encourages community involvement and is committed to:


  • Developing and ensuring the highest possible quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.


  • Providing a safe, secure and healthy community environment.


  • Providing an efficient and effective government which is open and responsive to the needs of the community and works for the benefit of all.

City of Columbia City • P.O. Box 189 • 1840 Second Street • Columbia City, OR  97018 • (503) 397-4010 • Contact Us