The Administrative Department is responsible for the management, administration, financial operations, personnel activities, current and long-range land use planning, and municipal court functions of the City. The department provides administrative services related to the activities of the Mayor and City Council, the Planning Commission, and various other City committees and commissions. The department is responsible for City elections, the City’s records management programs, and accounting for the City’s fixed assets. It handles public information functions and the intergovernmental affairs of the City and is responsible for building maintenance activities related to the City Hall and Community Hall. Kim Karber is the Interim City Administrator and can be reached at 503-397-4010.

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Department Accomplishments in 2019-20:

  • Continued to implemented new regulations associated with accessory buildings and structures.
  • Completed a comprehensive review and update to the Columbia City Development Code.
  • Assisted with the coordination of the annual Spring Clean Up event; which was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Successfully coordinated fund raising events in support of the Community Hall project including the fifth annual Christmas bake sale, a Michael Allen Harrison performance, the Columbia City Celebration Pancake Breakfast and an Easter Breakfast with cookie sale hosted by “The Easter Grinch”.
  • Regularly utilized the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to distribute information in an effort to increase our followers and improve the dissemination of information.
  • Continued to complete coordinated repairs and improvements to the Community Hall building.

Department Objectives for 2020-21:

  • To continue fund raising efforts to complete additional improvements to the Community Hall consisting of new roofing for the building as well as landscaping improvements as outlined in 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objective 1-F as established by Council.  Target date: Ongoing.
  • To place a continued emphasis on code compliance by furthering public outreach and education, identifying violations, and pursuing compliance in accordance with 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objective 1-C as set forth by Council. This year a continued focus will be placed on the placement of outbuildings, setbacks and portable storage structures. Target date: Ongoing.
  • To continue economic development efforts to further the sustainability of our community. A continued focus will be placed on marketing, code review and development, master plan implementation, identifying development incentives, urban growth boundary review, re-zoning considerations, etc. Target date: Ongoing.
  • To continue to support hazard mitigation efforts and implement recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security 2018 Vulnerability Assessments in accordance with 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objectives 1-B and 1-F as established by Council. Target date: Ongoing.
  • To present the budget document in a manner that meets the requirements of the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program through the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). Target date: August 2020.
  • To continue to increase our Twitter and Facebook following to improve our ability to communicate rapidly, efficiently and effectively with our citizens. Target date: Ongoing.