Hazard Mitigation Committee

The Hazard Mitigation Committee consists of citizen members that serve as an advisory board to the Mayor and City Council. The Committee monitors and documents progress made on the implementation of the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, reviews actions taken in response to disasters or emergencies that occur, makes recommendations for new projects or revised actions items, and discusses implementation problems that may arise. The Committee usually meets monthly. Click here to review Hazard Mitigation Committee minutes. This group currently consists of the following members:

Vacant Position, Team Leader

Sue Ziglinski, Mayor – Chair

Rob Forman, City Councilor

Gary Hudson, Citizen Member

Frank Hupp, Citizen Member

Chip Dryden, Citizen Member

The Hazard Mitigation Committee holds an annual emergency preparedness fair in Columbia City. Stakeholders that are responsible for emergency response and preparedness participate in the annual event.